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TNT Parking

Welcome to TNT Domain Parking (and web site builder).
This site is made to easily manage your domains and their content.


Getting started

  1. At your domain registar set domain nameservers to: NS1.TNTPARKING.COM and NS2.TNTPARKING.COM
  2. Return here and click "add domains" and add your domains there, e.g example3.com.
  3. Optionally write content for your domains by editing your domains.
  4. IF you are using CloudFlare's DNS (e.g. dan.ns.cloudflare.com), you cannot set nameservers to our above ones. Solution: at CloudFlare setup two records of type "CNAME", one named "@" (means main domain) and one named "www", both records with value "tntparking.com".
    This CloudFlare setup will also enable secure https:// for your domain.

Sample parked domains

adrimedia.com adrimedia.com

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